Resources here refers to the finding of useful information regarding any aspect of post-military service of interest.  This section will list some resources known to be valuable. Readers are asked to contribute to this listing with any resources about which they feel positively.  It’s best if contributors would provide a few word about why they view the resource valuable. To contribute just submit the information via the questions and comments section.

Of course the most used route to finding resources is through an internet search. Advice here is to search with the most specific description possible.  For instance, if a female veteran wanted information about government compensation for sexual abuse,  searching for “Veteran resources” will produce 162 some million hits. A bit more specific search for “female vet resources”  and your down to only 39 million “Female vet sex abuse resources” not only brings you down to 2+ million but the first page will get you to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs mental health link where you can find the link to” Disability Compensation for Personal Assault or Military Sexual Trauma.”   Put in very specific search phase “Female Vet sexual abuse compensation” and you’ll get right to a short list of on target resources.

Huts For Vets

This is the site for the wilderness program described in detail in chapter for of the VFV book.

The site contains information and sign-up information for the absolutely cost free Colorado wilderness week-end trips run 4 or 5 times a year.  Post 9/11 combat veterans are given priority to the ten slots open for each trip but veterans suffering from all manner of wounding and from all branches of service and conflicts have been and will be included. All costs are covered including, if necessary, travel to Aspen.   The site offers a video documenting past male and female trips as well as input about the trips from previous participants. Finally the site also provides various veteran resources emphasizing healing wilderness and nature experiences. 

Visit Huts For Vets

Veterans Crisis Line

This site is inadequately named as it has much more than just crises information. It has sections for vets and for family and friends. In addition to crises centers it lists medical centers, outpatient clinics, benefits administration offices and and community based services.  Enter your zip code or state and it retrieves the local information for you.

Visit Veterans Crisis Line

Google "VA Veteran Resources"

The first page of this search will list prime specific area web sites dealing with vets employment, homeless resources, PTSD help, Center for Women Veterans and Home loans.  The search will locate the major services that vets are entitled through the Veterans Administration.

Visit Google

Veterans United

This site is for veterans getting home mortgage loans.  They offer the following advantages over private and bank mortgages: lower payments, it’s easier to qualify, no down payments, and first time buyer help.   You may notice sites that state Beware of Veterans United. Researching those sites actually  resulted in many praises of their services which is why it’s listed here.    To find unbiased information about VA loans explore Zillow’s VA Home Loans. That site provides great advice about VA loans and is worth studying prior to selecting a VA loan for any of the many companies that offer them

Visit Veterans United

Vets First

This abstracted quote from their home page tells their important story:

“VetsFirst brings to bear seventy years of expertise in helping America’s veterans with disabilities, their spouses, dependents, survivors and other eligible family members receive health care, disability compensation, rehabilitation and other benefits offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. We supply direct representation, proactive legislative and regulatory advocacy, individual support and counseling services, guidance on education and employment, timely news and information and valuable self-help guides.

VetsFirst advocates nationally for all generations of veterans, including      individuals living with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.

Our advocacy efforts go far beyond offering words of support and encouragement. We take this fight to Capitol Hill to bring attention to issues that matter most to the men and women who proudly served our country.

We connect with thousands of veterans and active military servicemen and women annually through our call center and online help desk, Ask VetsFirst. Our staff takes the time to address each inquiry, offering guidance with questions on military separation, claims appeals, and state benefits.

In addition to providing individual support and counseling services, VetsFirst offers timely and news and information across the spectrum of issues presently impacting the veterans community, including state benefits, separating from the military, as well as exclusive feature stories on military health care and VA funding and compensation.”

Visit Vets First