“My husband is a Viet Nam vet.  He has for years suffered from PTSD symptoms.  I tried following the books suggestions to get him involved with other Viet Nam vets but he is so antisocial he refuses all attempts at meeting anyone under any cheap nfl jerseys circumstances. Basically he will spend time only with me.   What can I do ?”

Dr. Alpern.  Your husband is not alone wholesale NFL jerseys in shunning all social cheap MLB jerseys contacts including those with other vets even as potential social friends, or activity acquaintances.  That stance is common among some of the worse of the PTS sufferers. As he will only spend time with you, my suggestion is to get him into the wilderness.  Take walks or bike rides, fish, hunt the or even drive though in parks, Annie forests or anywhere surrounded by nature.  The hope is that Zevitt the wilderness will do for him what it has done for many, many vets.  That is offer the initial healing that will wholesale MLB jerseys allow sein? further healings. The wilderness references in the book may be helpful to you.  Your goal would be to get him self-motivated to spend time in nature. Even If he never gets further than finding enjoyment, peace or contentment in wilderness settings you will have significantly increased his quality of life.