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Why should vets become mental health professionals?

 I like that you give ways that vets, uneducated in mental health matters, can give such help to other vets. But then you go on to talk about training vets in the mental health field. Gaining any mental health credential takes a lot of time, money, and effort.  With vets being so useful to other vets based on their common cultural and experiential backgrounds why do you push for them to become mental health professionals?  Dr. Alpern.  Dear Charlie, There is no doubt that vets have much, much to offer fellow wounded vets. However when dealing with some very...

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Why are you hard on the VA? It worked well for me.

“I am a vet who had two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan”  I know my PTSD caused the loss of my wife and two kids. And, without going into the whole story, it led me to jail time and almost homelessness. I have finally I have recovered much of who I was and I give lots of credit to my VA therapist and the VA’s financial awards.  My therapist was understanding and helpful from our very first meeting and the VA, though it took lots of time and effort, gave me 80% life long disability funds which...

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About the Book

Synopsis: Dr. Alpern’s book is based on decades of work with veterans. It provides innovative new and practical treatment techniques for veterans. Each chapter offers the three targeted groups of readers (i.e family and friends of vets, mental health professionals and vets themselves)  insights and practical tools for healthy transition from warrior to citizen. Chapter Overviews: Chapter one: “From Civilian to Veteran: How Vets got ‘that way’” describes the transformations veterans undergo from recruit to soldier, to combat warrior, to disabled veteran and reviews the causes and dynamics of psychological and moral wounding. Chapter two: “The Wrong Way to...

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About the Site

VETS FOR VETS THE PLACE TO FIND HELP FOR RETURNING VETS, THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, AND MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS This interactive site offers: Information Find information for vets, their loved ones and mental health workers on a wide range of veteran topics. This includes web search hints along with a listing of specific sites known to be useful. It also includes the opportunity for readers to add and comment on various helpful veterans entities. Browse Resources Vets for Vets Book A review of Dr. Alpern’s 2016 book,“Vets for Vets” – Harnessing the Power of Vets to Heal. Here you can...

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Resources here refers to the finding of useful information regarding any aspect of post-military service of interest.  This section will list some resources known to be valuable. Readers are asked to contribute to this listing with any resources about which they feel positively.  It’s best if contributors wholesale nfl jerseys would provide a few word about why they view the resource valuable. To contribute just submit the information via the questions and comments section. Of course the most used route to finding resources is through Beautifully an internet search. Advice here is to search with the most specific description...

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Are therapists using your peer approaches?

“I was very interested in the peer approaches your book advised for professional therapists. However, the difficulties involved in working with or wholesale nba jerseys supervising vets operating as co-therapists seems too complicated and risky for maintaining my licensure.  You addressed this but the steps you suggest involve so much time and effort that they are undoable. Have you found many therapists willing Presents to utilize your peer approaches?” Dr. Alpern. Yes, it is complicated for licensed mental heath professionals to offer the vet support systems described Mobbing in the book. It is only those therapists who are committed to...

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How can I help my husband get more involved with other vets?

 “My husband is a Viet Nam vet.  He has for years suffered from PTSD symptoms.  I tried following the books suggestions to get him involved with other Viet Nam vets but he is so antisocial he refuses all attempts at meeting anyone under any cheap nfl jerseys circumstances. Basically he will spend time only with me.   What can I do ?” Dr. Alpern.  Your husband is not alone wholesale NFL jerseys in shunning all social cheap MLB jerseys contacts including those with other vets even as potential social friends, or activity acquaintances.  That stance is common among some of...

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My husband frightens the children – should I leave him?

Dr. Alpern,  My husband is one of those you discuss that came back from 3 tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan a very different person. I love him or loved who he was but now he is so consumed by anger, so rageful that he’s frightening to our children and me. He has not physically acted out yet but his verbal abuse and rages have become terrible to live with.  He refuses treatment and I am very worried that something drastic is going to happen. At this point I doubt if anyone or anything can help but before...

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