About the Author:

Dr. Gerald Alpern, Psychologist,
HFV Board Member

Gerald (Jerry) Alpern, Ph.D., a Korean War veteran, began treating WWII and Korean military personnel as a neuropsychiatric technician at Valley Forge Army Hospital in 1954. He spent fifteen years as a professor at Indiana University Medical School, where he authored a number of professional books, articles, and psychological tests. Since moving to Aspen in 1975, he has maintained a private psychology practice, which has included a multitude of U.S. veterans.

The Huts for Vets program has been a perfect fit for Dr. Alpern’s major interest in the healing powers of the wilderness and the therapeutic needs of returning veterans. He joined the HFV board at the outset and has participated as a volunteer for every HFV trip to provide any mental health support that might be needed. During the hut trips he has led seminars offering practical psychological guidance and self-administered psychological tools for the participating veterans.

Dr. Alpern’s methods for treating post-9/11 veterans are to do so with an emphasis on peer counseling. His book offers guidance to vets, loved ones of vets, and mental health workers on how to maximize vets’ healthy return to civilian lives.